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    for 20 years

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  • CTP Machine

    CTP Machine

    Excellent output quality


    Highly reliable stability


    Less space occupied, more flexible

    Plate Processor

    Plate Processor

    Precise processing speed control system


    Special anti-foaming design


    Automated chemical fill

    CTP Plate


    High quality aluminum, composite grain


    Capable of bright room operationprecise


    half tone dot reproduction

    PS Plate


    Uniform surface coating and high photosensitive speed


    High resolution and higher press run


    Faster Exposure and good stability

    Flexo CTP


    Automatic constant pressure adsorption system


    Online minification adjustment


    Linear motor scanning system

  • Printing Plate

    CTP Plate

    Thermal CTP Plate

    CtCP Plate

    CTcP Plate

    PS Plate

    Positive Ps Plate

  • Flexo Plate

    Flexo plate used for corrugated board

    Flexo Plate

    The refining flexo printing plate

    Flexo Plate

    Digital flexographic printing plate

  • Printing Machine

    CTP Platesetter

    CTP Platesetter

    800 series

    CTP Platesetter

    CTP Platesetter

    400 serises​

    Plate Baking Machine

    Rotary Plate Baking Machine

  • Plate Punching Machine

    Plate Punching Machine

    Plate Processor

    Plate Processor

    Plate Baking Machine

    Plate Baking Machine

  • Flexo CTP

    Flexo CTP​ EP430F

    Flexo CTP

    Flexo CTP​ EP660F

    Flexo CTP

    Flexo CTP​ EP940F

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