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Easypress CTP plate processor operation manual


1. Preface

2. Introductions

2.1 Features and functions

2.2 Main technical parameter and standard

3. Installation

3.1 Installation requirements

3.2 Installation method

4. Operating instructions and adjustment

4.1 Operating instructions

4.1.1 Initialization interface

4.1.2 Warning interface

4.1.3 Main interface

4.2 Adjustment operation

4.2.1 Adjustment operation instructions

4.2.2 Precautions

5. Daily maintenance

6. Warranty

7. User archives


Welcome to use our plat processor and sincerely thank you for your choice of our product. Our company will provide you high-quality equipment and well after-sales service.

NR-940 plate processors are our newly designed CTP processing equipment; these machines are integrated with foreign advanced ideas and technique, have reasonable structure and are made by excellent production process and material. They are the highly automated machines with wide tolerance of processing control adjustment and wide application range. They are not only the machines, but also the excellent experience we present to you.

To maximize the utility of the processor, it’s required appropriate operation. This user manual illustrates the installation, adjustment, operation and maintenance of the NR-940 processor. Before your start operating, please make sure to read the manual carefully and act accordingly. Only when you know the correct operation and functions of the machine, can you avoid machine failure caused by improper operation, and extend the service life of the machine.

For any further information of NR-940 processor, please contact our customer service department.


(1) For the characteristics and functions, please refer to below;

Processing feature: Continuous speed-adjust immersed roller. Developing, washing, gumming and gathering can be done by one time.

Easy operation: Large intuitive display and six key operation for displaying processor functions and status. Friendly operation system is easy to learn.

Advanced control system: Independent electric and software control system, microprocessor-controlled operation and the setting of 3 sets processing programs is convenient for setting technical data and fitting different plates. Develop temperature control system is comprised of heating tube, cooling system, temperature sensor and circulation pump, ensured the develop temperature is within ±0.3℃. Continuous speeds-adjust system; ensure a precise and uniformitarian speed.

Solution management: Configurable developer is replenished according to the actual size of plate. Also it can maintain the activity of developer for long time, farthest ensuring the best processing quality.

Excellent processing quality: Big capacities of developing tank, continuous speed-adjust immersed roller, acid and alkali resistance roller can ensure the stable and excellent processing quality. Furthermore, machine will be equipped with different rigidity and material brush according to the plate customer chooses for ensuring the clear dot.

Energy-saving design: Energy-saving sleep mode; double-way and double-loop high efficient drying system; automatic gum callback system.

Upgrade function: Conductive transducer integrated with sensitive probe, value visible through display. Change relevant communication interface, attach with CTP, stacker can get an integrated system of automatic plate making, processing and stacking.

Product safety: Equipped with emergency stop switch, drying over-heat protection system, lack and over-low solution alarming system, enclosed protection system of mechanical transmission. And safe marks are stuck on all important pants.

Convenient maintenance: Inside parts like roller, brush, guide, anti-oxygen cover can be easily disassembled bled for cleaning and maintenance.


3.1. Installation requirement

NR-940S plate processors are automatic intelligent mechatronics machines. To ensure the machines run properly, professional staff should be present during the installation of machines and below requirements should be met as well;

(1)Power spec:24A 220V 50Hz

(2)The environment to place machines should be clean and open, ground relatively even, which helps to adjust the horizontality.

(3) There must be at least one tap indoors for washing, and water pressure control device and water filtering device should be equipped as well.

(4) Good drainage pipeline is required to drain the washed water which is running with large volume.

3.2.Installation method

(1) To meet the transportation requirements, front and back plate table have been removed and packed with main parts together before shipped. When machines arrive, first please check package is in apparent good order or not. If any damage found, please make a record and inform the shipping company and our customer service development immediately.

(2) When you open the package, please check the contents to make sure you have received all items and they are in good order. If any damage or shortage,please contact our customer service department right now.

(3) Open the package, take out the appliance and spare parts. First, please adjust the horizontality of the under frame to keep it steady. Then, please check whether the tank of main body has any leakage caused by transportation, the connection of every component is firm, e.g. if any loosening or disengaging on circulation pump, replenishment pump and connector etc. If everything is ready, please adjust the feet after installation to make it in horizontal position, and then fix it. You can also change the height of the plate entrance/exit by adjusting the feet underneath. It is very important to adjust the horizontality of the machine, especially the horizontal position of transmission shaft, which may affect the normal work and service lift of machines.

(4) Connectors of chemicals supply system and drainage system has been labeled accordingly; please connect pipes to the corresponding labels. When connecting to the water supply pipe, please use the dedicated connector equipped with the machine. If connector or pipes need to replace, please choose withstand, high-quality spare parts.

Notice: when connecting washing pipe to the tap, please use hose clamps to tighten the pipe. As the machine in water saving status, washing water supply electromagnetic valve will be closed, which will bring more pressure on water supply pipe. Thus, water pressure of the tap is strongly recommended not too high.

(5) Please carefully check whether rollers are deformed, screws are loosening, and all drainage valves are closed or not. If closed, please fill in the tank with water till overflow. Please also check whether machine is in horizontal position or not.

Notice: When filling water, please make sure no water spilled on electrical spare parts. If any, please dry it with blower right now and do not make energizing test till it’s dried.

(6) Shut down the power, and plug the machine to appropriate outlet of the switchboard. Then check carefully the working volt and rated working current to make sure it’s all right and connect to the ground. Then turn on the power and switch on the machine. After that, observe the operation of machine. If everything goes well, you can start machine adjusting operation. If not, please solve the problem first.

4、Operation instructions

(1) Control panel

4.1.Main interface

药水液位低: Chemicals low level

冷却水温: Cooling water temp

传动速度: Plate speed

左侧烘温: Light drying temp

右侧烘温: Right drying temp

毛刷速度: Brush speed

等待: Wait

In above interface, plates won’t be transported but at this time replenishment pump will start work automatically.

药水温度: Developing temp

冷却水温: Cooling water temp

传动速度: Plate speed

涂胶时间: Gumming time

左侧烘温: Left drying temp

右侧烘温: Right drying temp

毛刷速度: Brush speed


就绪: Ready

Only in above interface, plates can be automatically washed. If you want to change the set value, please press “SET” to locate to the item, then press ◀▶ to change the value. And then you can save the change by pressing “ENT”.

4.2. Adjustment operation

4.2.1. Adjustment instructions

Before switching on power, please check below items carefully;

a. Power output can meet the requirements;

b. Water supply pipe, drainage pipe connects well, water pressure is appropriate;

c. Chemicals is in the tank;

Power on the machine, and set the technical parameters in operation interface, such as developing temperature, motor speed, and replenishment volume etc.

After setting the parameters, please select the corresponding channel to run the machine. At the same time, check carefully whether the circulation pump is in working order. Concretely, check the chemicals flow condition or temperature goes up or not.

It is suggested that you’d better test every washing process manually before start the adjustment. Besides that you should observe carefully whether every process goes well when running.

Notice: The plates chosen for processing test must keep clean and level in order to avoid splattering developer and roller.

When all the technical parameters meet the requirements, you can start processing test. Enter the plate to feed table sensor section. When the input sensor detected the plate, screen will display time counting.

After test, if machine works well in every step, you can prepare to start processing.

A. Please strictly follow the instructions for compounding chemicals, and read carefully processing chemicals instructions, add the chemicals slowly to the tank until overflow.

B. Turn on the tap, first in a weak flow, then you can turn up the tap water volume when start processing, washing inlet valve works and washing water can flow frequently;

C. According to requirement for replenishment volume by chemicals manufacturer, you can calculate the replenishment volume for each plate, temperature requirement, technical parameter and temperature to adjust the machine.

D. When processing, please enter the plate observing that the plate material is fed with the emulsion side upwards, and after it starts to roll in, you can let it go.

E. When the previous plate enters the chemicals tank completely, please do not rush to feed the second plate in order to avoid plate crash or overlapping. You’d better enter the next plate after a quite time according to the processing speed.

F. When daily work ends, please first wash the rubber roller under stand-by mode, then turn off the machine, air switch, cuts off the power supply, and close the tap.

4.2.2. Notice

a. Please read carefully about the main standard and technical parameters, and make sure your processing requirement is consistent with the machine.

b. After start the machine, please pay attention to machine’s working status, in good order or not.

c. Please check washing water volume frequently, especially in unstable water supply area. You can install water pressure gauge in necessity. And do not use immobile water for washing. After work, drain the water completely and replace water at next time.

The manufacturer declare: any problem caused by the less washing water (e.g. inadequate plate washing), our company will not assume any responsibility.

d. Please do not enter any plate oversized or curled for processing. Once the plate fed doesn’t exit from the back table door, please immediately press “STOP” button to check any plate jammed. And if any jam, please remove the plate immediately (shown as the picture). The curled plate should be leveled before washing.

e. When machine works, please pay more attention and once any breakdown, please immediately stop the machine to check or contact our company directly.

f. It’s obliged to do regular cleaning and maintenance, and personnel performing any maintenance should follow our instructions.

g. It’s forbidden non-professional personnel to open electric control cabinet so as not to cause life danger and equipment failure.

5、Daily cleaning and maintenance

The developer used for NR-940 plate processor is of chemical corrosion and sedimentation accumulation and glue is of strong stickiness, which will affect machines performance. Thus performing cleaning and maintenance regularly reduces the chances of equipment failure and the loss of processing quality. Only one person should be responsible for performing the preventive maintenance program. That personal should be familiar with the equipment as well as its operational characteristics and maintenance requirements.

1.Daily maintenance

After daily work, please perform cleaning for the machine within 15 minutes.

Cleaning method:

Cut off the power and water supply, fill in the washing bottle with fresh water, and aim the nozzle at the roller and gear above liquid level to rinse crystallize chemicals.

Wipe the roller, above cover inside of the tank, fed table and front shelf with the towel.

Wash the roller and rinse the glue left on the roller to avoid any influence on next processing.

Drain off the water in tank to avoid water pollution caused by microorganism.

Replenish chemicals into bucket.

CAUTION! Never use hard tools or abrasive materials when cleaning the roller to avoid any damaged on roller. And please use fresh water or cleaning agent when washing pipes of chemicals tank, and scrub the roller by soft cloth. Some chemicals may stick to the roller, please wear rubber gloves when washing roller to avoid any skin hazard.

2. Weekly maintenance

After one week work, please do follow items besides daily maintenance;

a. Clean the roller, chemical tank and body shell by warm water and soft cloth.

b. Every week you need to pull out the filter from chemical tank, and soak it in warm water for half an hour. Then wash by fresh water.

c. Check pipe mouth is blocked or not, and if any, please use thin plastic straw to clean.

3. 15-day (or 150-hour working) maintenance

After machine works 15 days (or accumulation 150-hour working), following items should be done.

a. Drain the liquid in developing, washing and gumming tank, completely wash the surface of above three tanks with warm water and soft cloth. Or every time replacing the developer, you must use clean water and towel to wash the tank to make sure no liquid crystal or sediment accumulation.

b. Fill in every tank, cover the input sensor, run the machine for 15 minutes to make sure water can wash the circulation pump.

c. Put the developer replenishment pipe in warm water and manually replenish a few times to wash the inside of replenishment pipe.

Notice: When washing the one-way valve of replenishment pump, please do not mistake the direction.

d. Check the belt pulley of drive shaft to ensure the chain is in good order and at the same time lube the axis and chain.

4. 60-day (or 500-hour working) maintenance

Please use profession cleaning agent for developing equipment to do the cleaning.

Use the warm water to wash the unit, which should be soaked in powerful cleaning agent for 8 hours. And the procedure should be: firstly, drain the liquid in developing, washing and gumming tank, fill in warm water, turn on the machine to stand-by mode, and mix the powerful cleaning agent with water. Secondly, cover the input sensor, run the machine for 15 minutes, and at the same time put the replenishment pipe in warm water, manually replenish for a few times. Thirdly, switch off the power, and drain cleaning agent. Then fill in warm water and add some neutral cleaning agent for second wash. Finally, operate the same procedure for the third wash by fresh water.

Notice: When washing chemical tank or pipe, please wear rubber gloves and eye goggles for personal protection.

When draining the chemicals in tank, small quantities of the chemical may remain in the circulation pump and pipe, please pay more attention to your personal protection.

After using cleaning agent washing the machine or before replacing new chemicals, please make sure rinse the roller, tank, circulation pump or other pipes by clean warm water.

Check and adjust the drive chain tightness.

5. Inspections

After switch on the machine, please check carefully whether the circulation pump is in working order, every pipe connects well, especially the circulation pump connector. And once any problem, please take some emergency measures right now, wipe off the effusion.

Please do following regular inspection for machine normal work

a. If any badly worn of the gear of roller assembly; any drop off of the gear seals chip; any deform of the plastic roller etc. You should take emergency measures if above occurred.

b. Check the drying blower regularly.

c. Please add motor oil to drive shaft, drive chain, the rotating shaft of drying gear constantly to avoid worn and torn of the spare parts.

6. Warranty

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