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Easypress punching machine operating instruction



II、Technical parameters




VI、User profile card


EASYPRESS Pneumatic bending machine is our company launched a high-quality pneumatic bending machine, this model using button-type control, suction positioning bending version at one go, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers to enhance the quality of printing.

II、Technical parameters

①、Plate: Film、PS Plate

②、Thickness: 0.1-0.4mm

③、Power: 220V、50HZ、1KW

④、Bend plate components for the mold steel, durable, no deformation

⑤、Body spraying plastics, Great

⑥、Used with a variety of models

⑦、Simple operation and easy maintenance.


①、the machine fixed in the wall about 10 cm from the wall. Adjust the machine so that the level of the table, the wheel can be locked. And the air compressor connected.

②、connected to the power line and signal lines.

③、the trachea into the gas source.

④、plug the machine power.


①、will be in front of the mouth, the end of the section of the block gauge all zero.

②、the media first by the mouth of the block gauge three points close, press the button that is done by punching.

③、the plate by the end of the block gauge, three points close, press the button on the other side of the hole to complete.

④、full version of drilling done


①、the table is made of aluminum, should not have a hard object contact, so as not to scratch the table.

②、punch the regular lubrication: Monthly open the punch cover, infiltration of a little oil or butter, so that smooth drilling.

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