• Flexo CTP EP430F

    Automatic constant pressure adsorption system

    Flexo CTP

    Technical Superiority

    ⊙Automatic Constant Pressure Adsorption System

    • Advantage: For the plates of different sizes, ensure the absorbent pressure and ad-sorption effect are almost the same, thus the plate can be adsorbed perfectly.

    ⊙Online Minification Adjustment

    • Reduce the workload of Designer, put all the minification for different printing ma-chines into the Flexo CTP, and realize the function of minification on Flexo CTP. The minification can be adjustable for 97-100%.

    ⊙Automatic Focusing Technology

    • For the plates of different thickness 0.15-4.7mm,  after the plate is loaded onto the drum, the focus can be adjusted automatically by click “Automatic Focusing” what-ever the plate thickness is, which can ensure the plate will be exposed at proper focus to gurantee the expose quality.
    • Advantage: The temperature of the workshop for Flexo CTP is more flexible and the machine can work well when the temperature is 10℃ -30℃

    ⊙Flatness Scanning

    • Plate stick to the drum, flatness laser scanning of the high-precision to verify the plate flatness, to ensure the center focus of the plate in the actual& clear imaging. If uneven adsorption, the error will be immediately reported. It reminds the user to re-load the plate and reduce the unnecessary loss.

    ⊙ Automatic Dedusting

    • Activated carbon
    • Filter
    • Pressure real-time monitoring

    ⊙Linear Motor Scanning System

    • High precision, high speed, and mainte-nance free, to ensure the stable working of the laser system.

    ⊙Marble Plartform

    • High precision,low temprature factor, extremely precision at long term lifecycle

    ⊙7 Inch Touch-screen Monitor

    • More simple and practical for operation.

    ⊙Bidirectional Pedals

    • Free operator’s hands to make the loading and unloading process easier.

    ⊙Gigabit Ethernet Interface:

    • More stable and reliable of data transmission, and further of the transmission distance.The distance of the equipment and the edition computer can be more than 100 meters away.

    Technical Parameters

    Flexo CTP
    Flexo CTP
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