Digital flexographic printing plate

More Details

⊙High quality

The high-end flexo-printing technology suitable for food, pharmaceutical and flexible package printing and varnish;

Using the environmentally friendly water- based ink,Conducive to the healthy development of the environment;

Effect of fine printing, operable Quality

⊙Economic applicability

Fast and convenient operation;

Long run/reusable;

High printing speeds;

Environmental process, No residual recovery;

⊙Plate making equipments and other requirements

  • Suitable equipments:

The Exposure equipment of flexible resin plate can be used all laser systems suitable for

imaging flexo printing plates;

  • Suitable ink:

Suitable for water and alcohol-based ink. Incompatible with solvent ink. Suitable for some type of UV-ink which needs to be tested and verified.

  • Suitable developer:

Environmental protection developer for flexographic printing plate and carbon dichloride.


Common specifications:

2032mm* 1270mm,  2032mm*1067mm,  1524mm*1067mm,  1016mm*762mm;

You are welcome to contact our marketing department for special specifications.


The technical specification of  refining digital flexographic printing plate

The technical specification of digital flexographic printing plate used for corrugated board